UI Styleguide

A UI styleguide inspired by the Super Famicom game Super Bomberman 5.

UI styleguide with grid, colours, graphics, and form components

Ozy Ad Units

Volvo & Intel ad units designed for Ozy Media. Credits: photography & logos by a third party.

Volvo ad depicting a vehicle and an Intel ad depicting a hand holding rocks

Text&Pixel Identity

Branding for a small web design studio. Outlines the primary colours, type and logo usage.

Text&Pixel identity card with logo, primary colours and a pattern of goldan bees against a black background

Epicure Slider

With a strong emphasis on layout, type and photography this mini site was built to demonstrate ways in which Epicure could market its products online. Credits: illustrations by Donna Georgina.

A page explaining that epicure uses the best ingredients in the world